Annemarie Jorritsma, mayor of Almere

On behalf of the local authority, I would like you to know that Almere is extremely proud of the fact that the ITU UPC World Championships Long Distance O3 2008 will take place in its city. We extend a warm welcome to triathlon athletes, coaches, fans and spectators.

Almere is the fastest growing new town in Europe. Established in 1976, the city is situated approximately 25 kilometres from Amsterdam, with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. During the last 31 years, the city has grown to accommodate more than 182,000 inhabitants – which we consider a minor miracle.

Despite fast growth, Almere has plenty of space and green areas – bicycle paths, footpaths, water and wildlife. Did you know that Almere has the largest prehistoric wildlife area in all of Europe? The Horsterwold is the largest contiguous, deciduous forest in Europe. Want to explore Almere by bike? You can download a bicycle map free of charge at Click on the routes and then click on fiets/skeelerroute (bicycle/roller blade route).

The brand-new city centre was developed by architect Rem Koolhaas. A team of nationally and internationally renowned architects worked on the city centre, which resulted in a design without parallel. The city centre of Almere has become a unique, unparalleled experience. Architects have also made their presence known outside the city centre. Almere has a centre for architecture, urban development and landscape painting, where one can find a splendid overview of special locations in Almere.

In the area of culture, Almere has a great deal to offer. There is a magnificent new theatre on the waterfront, in the middle of the city centre. Just outside the centre is the museum of modern art, ‘De Paviljoens’. There are also various theatrical companies. The Kunstgracht and the Corrosia Cultural Centre are situated in Almere Haven. Many artists have their studios on the Marktgracht. There are also regular open-air performances given at unique locations in Almere.

In short, I recommend that you extend your stays by a few days.

I wish all the participants good luck. Have an enjoyable stay in Almere.


Annemarie Jorritsma
Mayor of Almere

Annemarie Jorritsma


Let’s share our sporty ambitions again next year!

What a great event we had on August 27th this year: already the 25th edition of the Holland Triathlon. There was a good crowd, highly motivated athletes and wonderful weather. What else could we wish for. 

The organisation was outstanding as usual. Everything took place on the right time, at the right place and with the right people. And as a deputy of the queen’s commissioner of Flevoland, I’m proud to have this still growing event in our province. I was also honoured to give the medals to the winners of the Dutch championship long distance, both men and women. It's always a great moment to see their happy faces after their great achievements and to hear the applause they deserve.

Every year the amount of athletes as well as the countries they come from, increases. That proves that this event is getting more and more attractive every year.And what about the year 2008? This year the World championship Triathlon take place in Almere! I’m sure that will attract even more athletes as well as spectators.  

Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet there and share our sporty ambitions! Flevoland aspires to be the most sporty province in the Netherlands. We have great conditions for sports here. The Holland Triathlon contributes a great deal to the improvement of the sports climate. It inspires both professional athletes and amateurs to be the best they can be.

The Holland Triathlon and the province of Flevoland offer a unique combination as far as sports are concerned. As a deputy, I’m very proud of that; it inspires me to make that combination better each year.  

See you on 31 August 2008!

John Bos
Deputy of the queen’s commissioner
Province of Flevoland

John Bos



Wholeheartedly recommended!

Erica Terpstra - Chairwoman NOC NSF

If you want to enjoy beautiful sports, you definitely have to come to the Holland Triathlon. An event that could not take place without all the volunteers involved. In short, whole-heartedly recommended!

Erica Terpstra
Chairwoman NOC NSF (Dutch Olympic Federation)

Welcome at the bottom of the sea!

Welcome to Flevoland, the youngest province of The Netherlands. Flevoland is a polder, land made out of the sea, handmade and designed behind the drawing board. The hand of man can be recognized in the landscape. It looks like a painting of the famous Dutch painter Mondriaan. Lots of straight lines and squares. It is a strange sensation to realize that in Flevoland, including Almere, you are literally walking on the bottom of the sea.

In the history of Flevoland, sports, especially amateur sports, have played an important role in the development of our cities and towns. When the first inhabitants arrived about 60 years ago there were only a few roads and houses. Playing sports together became one of the first binding elements of a new developing society.

The Holland Triathlon in Almere is one of the oldest sporting events in our province. It is one of the few sporting traditions our young province has built up in its relatively short existence. The year 2008 will be very special indeed for the Holland Triathlon in Almere. After celebrating its 25th edition in 2007, we are hosting the World Championships on 2008. I for one am very proud that the first Holland Triathlon in Almere that took place 26 years ago has grown into an event where national and international athletes compete to be the best they can be.

I wish you as a competing athlete or an interested spectator a wonderful and sporty time in Flevoland.

Michel Jager
Queen's Commissioner of the Province of FlevolandMichel Jager